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About Bajaj Nomarks

When you step outdoors, your skin battles the pollution and dust. The pimples and pimple marks on the skin are visible signs of SKINSTRESS™. Now you can leave your skin worries to the marks-expert! While you go on and conquer the world with your talents and passion, our products will work on helping you get the glowing, even-tone, clear skin you truly deserve!

At Bajaj Nomarks, we understand that the key to heal common skin problems such as pimples, pimple marks, blemishes and dark spots on the face is to have a skincare routine that works best for your skin type.

Made from Ayurvedic Ingredients.

To achieve clear skin with an even-tone and a glowing complexion, our products contain natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera (helps collagen building to repair marks), Calendula (helps provide relief to skin with marks), Turmeric (helps protect the skin with marks), Neem (known to have anti-bacterial property, helps prevent marks due to SKINSTRESS™), Almond Oil (moisturises and helps provide relief to dry skin with marks), Amla (known to have anti-oxidant properties which helps protect the skin with marks), Nimbu (known to have anti-bacterial properties, helps prevent marks due to SKINSTRESS™), Mulethi (helps provide relief to skin with marks), Eucalyptus, Neem & Clove (known for their anti-bacterial properties in controlling pimple-causing bacteria and helps prevent pimples and pimple marks), Carrot seed oil (known to have anti-oxidant properties and helps prevent marks), Wheat Germ Oil (known to moisturize and soften dry skin and help prevent marks), Multani Mitti (absorbs excess oil and is known to cool the skin), Manjistha (known to have anti-bacterial properties, helps prevent further marks on skin) and Granules of Walnut & Apricot shells (gently exfoliates and helps remove dead skin cells & impurities to prevent further marks on skin).

Packing and Delivery
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  • International orders: Worldwide Shipping
  • Transit Time: 7 to 12 days depends on the destination address
  • Shipping Time: 1 to 3 Business Days
  • Shipping Method: We ship the items through DHL, FedEx, and Express Couriers or by India Post.

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