Apollo Noni Face Wash


Apollo Noni Face Wash

Apollo Noni Skin Care: Noni and Aloevera Hydrating Face Wash helps clear away daily dirt and grime from the skin without hurting the natural moisture balance of the skin. Regular use ensure skin is free of environmental toxins, and dirt. Can be used daily for clear, fresh, supple skin.

Noni & Aloevera Face Wash Made with Natural Ingredients & Herbsfsce

Assists in firming up skin – It helps stimulate collagen production and reduce dryness. Clears skin and conditions it for a velvety feel
Helps reduce irritation in sensitive skin – helps repair dry, parched skin, and gives anti-inflammatory soothing relief.
Gives clear, bright complexion – helps reduce hyper pigmentation, tones the skin and reduces puffiness for even complexion and smooth skin.
Skin soothing cleanser – Effective noni face wash gently removes dirt while protecting the skin’s natural lipid barrier. It helps skin absorb moisturizers better.

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80 ml