Ayurveda One Mehon Capsules


Ayurveda One Mehon Capsules

Mehon is truly an ayurvedic wonder drug in the fight against Diabetes Mellitus Mehon – Fights diabetes effectively! Mehon an ayurvedic capsule made of rich medicinal plants offers effective control over type 2 diabetes.

7 Ingredients that make MEHON wonder drug

Vijayasara enhances insulin secretion by regeneration of β – cells and prevents the micro and macro vascular complications of DM.
Shilajith precious mineral, prevents and protects the damage of β – cells of pancreas and helps in preventing the complications of DM.
Saptachakra brings down effectively the HBA1c.
Harida elevates plasma insulin level and increases lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activity. It activates the enzymes in liver, which are associated with glycolysis, gluconeogenic, and lipid metabolic process.
Amalaki refers to ellagic acid in amla which has the protential act as an antiglycation or as an antioxidant.
Karela improves insulin sensitivity and also releases insulin. It can regulate glucose uptake into jejunum membrane brush border vesicles and stimulate glucose uptake into skeletal muscle cells.
Guduchi increases entry of glucose into the peripheral tissues and organs like liver. It increases the activity of glycogen synthase in the liver, thus increases the storage of glucose in hepatocytes. Its rich antioxidant nature helps in wound-healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

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