Himalaya Chyavanaprasha


Himalaya Chyavanaprasha

Benefits of Himalaya Chyavanaprasha

Chayavanprasha is a natural support for immunity, nourishment, and wellbeing.
The unique combination of herbs in Chyavanprasha helps prevent recurrent infections and debility.
The antioxidant properties of Chyavanprasha Helps to overcome convalescence and stress endurance

Why Chyavanaprasha is unique:

Chyavanaprasha is a classical Ayurvedic recipe engineered as per authentic classical descriptions
It has been used in India as a healthy recipe for the past 4000 years as tonic, rejuvenator, energizer, anabolic, immunomodulator and memory enhancer.
Chyavanaprasha is rich in nutritional value and is ideal for consumption in all seasons. The base for the Chyavanaprasha mix is made using Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry base), the richest source of natural antioxidants.

Himalaya Chyavanaprasha Ideal For:

Health promotor and rejuvenator
General debility
Respiratory ailments
Stress-induced ailments

Direction for Use

For best results, consume half an hour before breakfast, followed by warm water or milk.

For 2-5 years: 1/4 teaspoon (3 grams approximately) once a day
For 6-11 years: 1/2 teaspoon (6 grams approximately) once a day
For 12 years and above: 1 teaspoon (12 grams approximately) once a day
Dosage can be increased based on individual tolerance, or as directed by your physician




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