Twasa Coconut Oil Bath Soap


Twasa Coconut Oil Bath Soap

Ayurveda Has Originated Thousands of Years Ago in India. Twasa Herbal Soap Range Protects & Helps to Treat Skin Ailments, Gives Natural Glowing and Healthy Skin, Speed Up the Healing Process.

Coconut (Nariyal)

Coconut Oil Is an Excellent Moisturizer for Both the Skin and the Hair. It Contains Vitamins Such as Vitamin E and Vitamin K That Help Improve Skin Health. The Properties of the Coconut Oil Also Help Remove Dead Skin Cells and Dirt Away from the Body. The Oil Also Help Prevent or Reduce Acne. It Also Helps Firm Up Your Skin Helps You Look Younger as the Coconut Is Rich in Antioxidants.

Twasa Coconut Oil Bath Soap Herbal Ingredients:

=> Coconut Oil,

=> Coconut Extract,

=> Glycerine

__Benefits of Twasa Coconut Herbal Bath Soap__

=> Help You Achieve Beautiful and Glowing Skin and Shine Hair.

=> Provides Intense Hydration to the Skin and the Hair.

=> Moisturising Enough to Soothe the Dryest of Skin

=> Help to Remove Blemish-Causing Dirt, Bacteria and Dead Skin, Body Odour, Prevent or Reduce Acne.

=> Has Antioxidants, Antibacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

=> Gently rub on all over the body and wash it with warm water.